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I do not know why this happens and there is no medical reason for it as far as I know, but the fifth day of nicotine cold turkey is an ABSOLUTE FUCKING BASTARD.

Apart from that I am enjoying myself. Ever so much.

(I'm not. Oh God.)


Aug. 18th, 2011 03:02 pm (UTC)
My best friend, Tom, gave up smoking years ago and tells everyone how awesome it is whenever he gets a chance -- how the world seems brighter and he thinks more clearly and blah blah.

Yet when I quit the world did not suddenly turn into a Disney cartoon with birds landing on my fingers to sing me morning greetings. Tom's brother recently quit and was complaining about the false advertising to their Mom. "Tom LIED! This SUCKS!" Tom was like, "My brother's an asshole," and I said, "Um... no, dude. The world is not a happier, better, brighter place without smoke. I can BREATHE better, yes, and it's $80 more in my pocket each month. But I didn't gain magical IQ points or start sparkling in the sunshine."

Obviously, there are HUGE long-term health benefits, and $80 more a month is not a trivial thing. I'm glad I quit. But... yes. It SUCKS.

{{virtual, supportive, non-invasive hugs}}